Restoring Health

Matthew 11:28 ~ Come to Me all who are weary & I will give you rest.

What a comforting message from God.

Its two weeks into the New Year and the Lord is definitely helping me with my get healthy journey. Working amongst little ones all day is very rewarding but sometimes can get tiring as our bodies grow weary.

I have to remind myself of this verse especially when all those germs start cheering because they think

they have knocked me down. This past weekend, I started feeling that tingle in my throat. I started getting more vitamin C, drinking lots of fluids, resting, but by Monday, I had absolutely no voice. There were no subs available and I didn’t want to put a strain on anyone at work so I went in yesterday only to come home late afternoon completely congested like a plugged up drain. However, did I give up ?????

No way, I did some light exercises and stretching which made me feel on top of the world… got a steamy warm shower and coated in vicks rub (that stuff seriously is amazing) and snuggled in my cozies and graded papers! Every few moments, I would say a prayer for the Lord to heal me and help me wake up not feeling as I did last night.

When my eyes opened this morning, they did so ever so slowly almost partly in fear that I would be dizzy or couldn’t speak and to my surprise, I feel OKAY! and hey I will take it! I got up slowly, and made me a hot cup of Green Tea filled with antioxidants and Honey and I feel OKAY! Praise the Lord.

Jeremiah 30:17 ...This also pertains to emotional healing !!!!!   CB

All the comfort in the world is found right in Gods amazing book. He has comfort and peace for us in all situations of our lives nestled between these pages if we only open it to find them. Sometimes I know the weather and the seasons give us germs and sometimes I feel like the DEvil wants to knock us when we are down but I will not let them win. I am taking control with Jesus at the wheel this year and I want to not only read his word but dive into it and study it!

Can I get an amen?

Now how is this for amazing?

Bible Verses for Hard Times | Christian Wallpapers: God's Pharmacy Natural Healing Remedies

God is the ultimate Physician! 🙂 and His pharmacy does look wonderful!

Have a blessed Day!


Being Brave…

Because the World can Get Dark & We Really Need You ; 5 Ways to Keep Being Brave

Yesterday, I introduced the Word of the Week to my First Grade students. I want to focus on Character Traits because I have noticed their little minds have already begun being tested by this world and all the technology and things out there to bring children down. My goal is not only to teach them reading, writing, and arithmetic but to give them a taste of the world through history, understand how things work through science, find their inner imagination through books and to treat other people in this world with respect and dignity that each of us deserve.

Their first word for the year is:


A lot of them did not know what this word means … one child even said, “It’s a movie”.

Why Yes it may be a movie and I love the bravery that is shown in that Disney Flick but the bravery I am talking about is a little different than a movie.

It is the bravery that fills our souls with courage for another day.

Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying I will try again tomorrow.

Its the bravery to be yourself regardless who likes it or not.

Ah . . . NLD, ADHD, Asperger's, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, . . . YES, It's Okay to be Different!

Because I am trying to show them that people are different all over the world and there will be people who are afraid of different and that means sometimes they may be insecure and try to bully you down to become just like them.

Stand tall and be who you are!

God didn’t put us on this world to be imitating soldiers of one another. He put us here to let our gifts shine and soar all towards him not for the glory of each other.

In order to have courage, I feel its vital to have peace within our hearts, minds and souls.

Peace Experience all that there is for you, and discover who you truly are, in the present moment. BWE will help you follow your dreams and transform them into reality. Precise frequency patterns are introduced, activating the brainwave you require for the experience you wish to explore. Visit Waverider @  and begin a new story.  Be all that you were meant to be.

Here are some awesome Scripture verses to bring you peace if there is something you are battling …

When I sat down with my Bible, devotional book, and journal yesterday morning I was empty. If anyone wanted to escape from “life” at that moment, it was me. But as I began to dwell on God’s truths, everything began to change. I was reminded that Jesus never intended for me to carry my burdens alone.

So I hope today as you read these verses it brings you a calming peace that it brought to me…

.cool quote

I look forward to seeing my students this year blossom into their own little people, unique

with their differences.

Have a Blessed Day,

My Word Journalling- HEALTHY

It has been a long while since I have felt like my brain and my body were working on the same level towards the same goal. I was doing so well and then life got in the way so this year I want to try and journal throughout this entire year on my blog and in my fitness journal by hand to make sure I am taking care of my mind and pray to the Lord more often to let God take charge of this journey and not just myself.

My Word for this year: IMG_7529wee

I did one mile yesterday and two today!!! It felt OH SO GOOD to be nourishing my body and I remembered how much I just ADORE exercising… the rush and adrenaline … its a natural high.

heres to a great year accomplishing my goals….

A New Year



New Chances


A few weeks ago, I started feeling sick again and I vowed to myself that from that point on, I had had enough of feeling sick and tired and cruddy. I know a big part of how I had been feeling was due in part to my lack of exercise, poor nutrition over the past few months and just getting a cold. But regardless of the excuses, I was just tired, Tired of making excuses and tired of not being the best ME that I can be for myself, my husband and my family. So I started praying and boy does God deliver when we pay attention to Him.

I started fueling my body with healthy foods and although I couldn’t quite exercise yet, I started trying to be more active. The cold was making me feel cruddy when I overexerted and I really did not want to spend my entire break from teaching sick.

So I listened.

I listened to God and I listened to the things that were not said and I listened to my body.

And You know what I heard?

A Lot!

Sometimes I think the noise of life just gets in our heads and we start doubting ourselves and our abilities and we just need to stop and listen. Meditate with the Lord and in nature.

I started going back outside and just sitting.

Yep, that’s all. Just sitting in nature listening silently.

Then I started reading, and Oh how my soul loves a good book. I had not made time for reading in a long time and I didn’t want to dwell on the past but only that I had a few weeks out of school and I could really read some awesome books. I started on my Divergent Series and WOW have you seen that movie?

Free Divergent Quote Printable. Three colors available. #divergent #cultivatecreate (The book quote.....not the movie quote, which is in a different order.)

This is one of my fave moments in the movie and the book. He didn’t want to be defined by a faction, by one personality, he wanted to be a little of all of them. I want that too! I don’t want the world defining who I am or who I can be. I want to grow in the Lord and be who God has intended for me to be all along.


Ah such wisdom!

I think when you read more and worry less, the world becomes a magical place. Instead of dwelling on the negative things, it gives me the ability to see through my rose colored glasses down in the rabbit hole or through a wardrobe in Narnia. I can see passion that I forgot was there in my marriage, and it brings dreams to life in a way that explodes my imagination.

This year, I want every day to be a reminder of my dreams and how far I have come and where God wants me to go from here.

If I can make every day count and teach my students to cherish every day as well, then I will have accomplished my job.

I look forward to where Gods blueprint of my life is leading, but I wont spend another day worrying over it. Because worrying over my past or wondering too much about my future robs me of my today.

This is the year of my 28th birthday.

My tenth wedding anniversary.

My son turns seven.

and this is the year I will conquer my weight goals.

My word for 2015 is HEALTHY and through health I will achieve my goals.

#happy #healthy #quote

From Broken to Renewed

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we are not sure where to go. You know you are supposed to talk about it and ask for help but in that moment, you shrug it aside and keep on moving forward. As the little things pile up on top of the big things, you start focusing on all those negative things and the positive things start to shine as bright. Before you know it, you start to feel that heavy feeling in your chest that you may or may not have ever felt before. That was me last week.

I felt broken and I felt lost. I felt as if the entire world was on my shoulders and I didn’t know where to head from there. I started crying at the drop of a hat in the presence of whoever was around me, and if you know me you know that is not me. I am usually categorized as the energizer bunny by some of my friends. Enter school and a new busy schedule and twenty students relying on me and wham bam, I was stressed out. Then the guilt and shame and doubt started floating in because I was feeling stressed.

Who said you cannot handle it all? Oh right, its an unspoken rule. I forgot it.

For as long as I can remember, teaching has been all I wanted. I finished my entire Bachelors degree course in a little over a year. Nothing however can prepare you for what you learn in that classroom when twenty little pairs of eyes are focused in on you (or sometimes not focused on you haha).


For weeks from I got my job offer, I had been on full speed ahead and any stopping would show signs of weakness on my part. From the first week of school, my son and I were both sick. The new germ land had overtaken our bodies and from upset tummies to sore throats to coughs and the dreaded sniffles, these germs had a new plan of their own. I brought home work just about every afternoon, and thought that obviously everyone must have to do this because my twenty first graders never give me one moments peace to grade in the day so how on earth do other teachers do this? I started to doubt myself. And when that mean and nasty Mr. Doubt starts to set inside our minds, its very difficult to send them packing.

So between Mr. Doubt and King Germ and his millions of minions that were overtaking my body, I was starting to tear down. However, I kept on going. The work continued to pile on and every time I thought I had a nights break, I ended up with something I just HAD to do because you know the plan and curriculum needed it. Never mind all the paper that has to be copied and oh sleep. Who has time for that? EXERCISE? Food? Who has time to make these things happen and to happen with the utmost clean eating in mind? Pshhh… the last few weeks, I was lucky if any food went past these lips of mines and when it did, I can guarantee you it was not labeled “clean eating”.


Then I had the joyous moments of parent conferences and dealing with upset and frustrated parents over issues about their kids. I really started doubting myself now, and I prayed and prayed to the Lord but I think I was still trying to handle things on my own. I was praying but now handing it over. I was praying for change but not changing anything.

Nobody ever tells you about the balance between work and home. Maybe its one of those other unspoken rules … that people just don’t bother to tell you. Balance, what an intriguing concept.

The Bible tells us in:

Isaiah 40:29

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.
But in order to receive the strength and power from God, I have to be open to it. I have to get to the point where I am empty to be filled with the love of Christ.
Its sad to me that when things are going right, we don’t spend as much time with the Lord, however, when things start going wrong and our bodies feel weak and sick or germ-stricken we start to call upon Him. He is always waiting and there for us.

Mark 12:30

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’

God promises to renew us with his strength. He promises to be our shield and our protector.

I am beginning to learn that I don’t always need to have things together. That trying to be in control means that I am not letting Jesus be in control. Its great to be confidant but I need to learn to find confidence in Jesus plan for my life.


This past week when I literally felt like I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown for the first time in my life was one of the hardest and most renewing things I have ever been through. I had to reach the bottom of my vulnerability to find the strength deep down that God has bestowed upon my soul.

I will not let people break me. I will not allow people to change my personality. I like who I am and I like who God wants me to be. However, I need to learn to thicken my skin to the negativity that can sometimes surround ourselves a lot in our lives. I need to take it easy and take some time for myself, my family, my friends, and leave work at work. I need to work harder on finding the balance and setting schedules for myself and my time.


But the one thing I will not do, is allow the negativity and germs and hostile people and things that I cannot change make me want to give up. I have never been a quitter. I do follow the beat of my own drum sometimes and I follow my heart more often than not, but I do not give up. I need to learn to ask for help and delegate tasks to other people and sometimes as much as I don’t want to, say no sometimes.

I have to learn that its not being unkind to say, “I’m sorry, I just cannot make it to that.”

With Gods help, I know this year will be full of learning experiences, some highs and some lows, but I know that when those little children smile at me and tell me they love me, nothing else matters in this world but those moments.

2 Corinthians 12:9-10

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.  That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

Silent Prayers


Six years ago, at this very moment, I was sitting in a hospital bed mightily uncomfortable. At 38 weeks 5 days, I remember the nerves radiating throughout my entire body as I had been in labour for quite some time already. Things weren’t working quite as they should and we had to wait till morning to see the doctor. Every moment that went by, I whispered silent prayers for my body to hold out and start to work properly. I thanked the Lord that my baby was still bouncing around in there and just not wanting to come out yet. Little did I know, it would be many hours longer and into the next morning when the doctor came to check me, only to tell me that I was not dilated even a centimeter. I felt defeated and discouraged that I was not going to have the picturesque textbook birth that I had dreamed of with my doula by my side and my husband on the other with the smell of coconut breeze burning on the candle by my bedside. However, the prayers that God answered came at 1:38 p.m. on August 15th, 2008 when amidst the harshness and frigid temperatures of the operating room, I first heard my baby cry.



When I looked into those beautiful blue eyes for the first time, those silent prayers that I had been praying, God had answered in the most magical way.

The bond that a mother shares with her child cannot even be described; having them grow inside of us is a true miracle from God and I think he wanted a mother to have her baby and feel that love so that we can truly understand the love that he has for us.

Over the past six years, I have watched that beautiful newborn grow and mature into the most amazing little boy. He is charismatic and full of life and just is a barrel of curiosity and love. His compassion for the world and all those who live inside it teaches me every day and reminds me to take a deep breathe and stop living in a rushed manner. He does things his way and I love that he seems to be a born leader except not in a bossy way, in a strong and confident way that I can just tell he wont get taken advantage of in his life.

He loves to tell jokes… His favorite one right now is:

Knock Knock,

Who’s there?


Orange who?

Orange you glad to _____________________.

sometimes he fills that in with give me a kiss, get me a drink please, give me a hug, get me ready for bed etc… And then he always ends it with “Get it?” HAHA

I love the things he comes up with and I seriously sometimes wonder if he has been around before because let me tell you, they crack me up. However, being a teacher, I have found that this age is filled with testing the limits and seeing what they like best because the world is just at their fingertips. He is heading into first grade in two weeks and I get to be his teacher. I am blessed to have gotten the past three years as his mommy and teacher and so incredibly blessed that I get to teach him this year as well. I get to watch him grow in leaps and bounds this school year as he heads for new adventures, new challenges, and new friends.

I love him more and more every day and I never think it could be possible to love him more until the next day arrives and I have surpassed my expectations and the love has just exceeded and continues to grow.

So tomorrow, I will not be writing or online because I will be spending the day with my beautiful, vibrant, amazing little boy, Wyatt; but for now, I will enjoy every moment that we have left of my little five year old, because this moment, this day, this night, this mark of time will never come again and when I look back on this day, I will remember having the most fabulous day with him preparing for his sixth birthday party; Curious George Extravaganza at the beach.

Happy Birthday my love.


So before I close this out tonight, I will say another silent prayer to the Lord and thank Him for every day that He has blessed me with over the past six years and for sending me such an amazing little boy to raise and nurture and love.

Free “a prayer for my children” printable! This prayer is based on Colossians 1:9-11 and is a beautiful prayer of blessing and empowerment for your children.

Blessings to you,

God is Here

-- C.S. Lewis

As life has been so busy lately, I sit here and just think back to try and remember just a few weeks ago before the hustle

and bustle of getting my new job, before I started decorating my new classroom, before when all I had were hopes that I was clinging on to, and it is so hard to remember.

Isn’t that something how at one moment in our life we can be in the midst of the greatest chaos every and yet not remember the times of stillness. When these moments

of chaos grips us in our life, we need to remember this quote from C.S. Lewis;

Don’t shine so others can see you. Shine so that through you, others can see Him.

When my days have been numbered, I want to be remembered for others seeing the Lord through my life.

I want the Lords goodness and mercy to shine through me each day from my life and into those who surround me.

Some days I can feel it and some days I feel like I am far off from this goal; However, no matter if I am close today or not, as long as I am striving toward my goal, I am doing great.

No matter what you are going through today, just remember that the Lord is with you, YES YOU, He is with you right now.

Sometimes we want to question ourselves and ask why things happen or why we go through things and sometimes things don’t go as we had planned.

Today, I had planned to take a new friend and her kids down south on our Island for the afternoon. She got an unexpected call, and had to take her mommy to the doctor. Sometimes our plans get thwarted and that is OKAY.

God has your best interest

We don’t know what God saves us from.

But God knows.

God knows us and our life plans and he will not put us through unnecessary harm. Sometimes we make choices and those choices lead us down roads where we learn a life lesson, but sometimes our choices lead us to a better place even if the beginning part of the journey is tough on our hearts.

So when the going gets rough, and you feel like you keep getting a door shut in your face, don’t quit. God has your back, and he wont ever let us down.

Its like sometimes when you are paddling out in the ocean, and you repeatedly get knocked down by waves, You push and fight your way to get to surface so that you can get OUT of the water. When your life is heading for big waves and you are getting knocked down over and over again, KEEP FIGHTING back and you will get back up. Sure, your feet my hurt from the rocks or your head may pound from all the salt water, but in the end, You managed to get back up and walk to shore!

Post your #PrayerRequest on Instapray. #Pray with the whole world --------->

So don’t worry. Whatever it is you may be going through today, God is with you! God is good! God is listening! Go to Him right now and thank Him for the blessings you have around you and sleep well knowing that you are not alone. We all have days when we are treading water, but there will come a moment when this too shall pass.

Be brave.

Be strong.

Be filled with Gods courage and love, because he will shelter you beneath his arms like the wings of a mother dove.

Blessings to You,




Bundle of Excitement

What a year this has been…

A Year of ups and downs and finishing four years of college in one year, and loving every moment of it. Then came the job search and the Lord opened up a position for me that is my dream job. I got FIRST GRADE! I am so excited and guess what?

My little guy, who turns six in August, gets to be in my class. So I am super pumped because my babe and I just get each other and I have taught him his entire life so far, so to get the opportunity to teach him another year and be involved the following year for second as First and Second works as a team in my new school family is amazing.

I chose Dr. Seuss theme for my class so I have been seeing red and white stripes and polka dots in my sleep and loving it all the way.


My dream come true… to teach in my very own class with the chance to touch twenty little childrens hearts this coming year.

I get to do a mix of curriculum which I love, and the BIBLE … OH MY GOODNESS! Bob Jones Bible for First grade is just fantastic.

I have not been blogging as much but have no fear, I will be posting updates and keeping you up to date with my Fabulous Firsties

as we travel down lifes road together and live through Lifes’ Little Adventures.