Bundle of Excitement

What a year this has been…

A Year of ups and downs and finishing four years of college in one year, and loving every moment of it. Then came the job search and the Lord opened up a position for me that is my dream job. I got FIRST GRADE! I am so excited and guess what?

My little guy, who turns six in August, gets to be in my class. So I am super pumped because my babe and I just get each other and I have taught him his entire life so far, so to get the opportunity to teach him another year and be involved the following year for second as First and Second works as a team in my new school family is amazing.

I chose Dr. Seuss theme for my class so I have been seeing red and white stripes and polka dots in my sleep and loving it all the way.


My dream come true… to teach in my very own class with the chance to touch twenty little childrens hearts this coming year.

I get to do a mix of curriculum which I love, and the BIBLE … OH MY GOODNESS! Bob Jones Bible for First grade is just fantastic.

I have not been blogging as much but have no fear, I will be posting updates and keeping you up to date with my Fabulous Firsties

as we travel down lifes road together and live through Lifes’ Little Adventures.


Time Flies…


Where does the time go?

I cannot believe it was April 27th when I last wrote on my blog. 



The last few weeks have just been so busy but filled with wonderful things. In May, we were busy with my 85 year old Aunt who travelled all the way from the Aussie-awesome land down under.

Here are some cute critters from Australia:


She is so awesome and I cannot believe she is still such a world class traveler.

After she left, I was wiped right out but we had finished my little ones schooling for Kindergarten. Hello First Grade…. He had his placement test for a little school on the island that will suit his transition into the world of Elementary school. He passed it with flying colors… I was Super PROUD.

We started summer routine of reading, little printables that I found to keep him occupied, and lots of fun in the sun.

I also started Chalean Extreme in May. Completed my Burn Phase with losing five lbs and 22 inches overall. I also completed fifty miles for May! 🙂 which I Was extremely proud of!

The past few weeks, since I took over the Sunday School teaching at my church, I have been teaching the kids about the ten plagues leading up to Moses crossing the Red Sea which will be week after next. The children have loved it.. and been so receptive to my Clip Chart Behavior System. I have not literally had to use it hardly at all … other than to move them up of course. From the youngest 2 year old to the oldest who is almost 10 … I have been loving getting teaching practice.

tell me and i forgot-learning quote

Right now, we are all sick. (PRAYERS MUCH APPRECIATED) Not that I Was having a “bad” morning, but I definitely had to just pull every gumption out of me to get out of bed and do my duty to those gorgeous kids. I kept my distance, and praise the Lord because I did not have to cough or blow my nose ONCE during Sunday School. I taught and the Lord gave me the strength…

It’s just a little summer cold, but they make you feel icky nonetheless.

So lots of fluids for us and some rest and relaxation.

Since I am resting so much,


Feel free to leave a comment below or email me personally if there is anything I Can pray for you or someone you know!