Budgeteering at the store- May 25th

Me every time I go grocery shopping or loading a vehicle!:

This is funny.

This is also very accurate.

So this week was a little bit higher on the totem pole but I think its still considerably well when compared to previous trips to the store.

WE came out this week at $160 and I have us meal planned until Next week Thursday.

Sometimes, things go up and some items I noticed did decrease a bit from last week.

All in all, it was a good trip and we did not get any extras.

I also had a small snack before going to the store which definitely helped a ton. Because lets face it, when you are hungry, you leave the store with the entire aisle of food.




Hello Budget!

Have you ever gotten to the cash register at the grocery store and just about had a heart attack when the cashier looks at you and says the total?

This happened to us about two weeks ago. Living on the island, groceries tend to be even more expensive anyways, but if you aren’t committed to a budget, it really can get pricey no matter where you live.

This was a wake up call for us.

$498.00 Wake up call.

Yea, I didn’t make a typo on that number. It shocked me too, Trust me. They already had that bagged and ready to go before I could blink and say, “Um excuse me? Pardon me? Excusa Moi?” I was wondering if they had missed and added an extra zero in there. Oh you meant, 49.80? Oh well of course, we can pay that in cash.

This however, led me to a night of pinterest searches and asking questions and polls on my instagram account as to how others do this seemingly impossible task of staying under a certain amount.

So gone are the days of us cooking a different meat every night.

Gone are the days when we would eat out once a week.

We decided to cut back and put ourselves on a budget. I told my husband $100-$120 is our limit and he about laughed me out the car.

Fast Forward to Thursday, when we went grocery shopping with my new and improved budget mindset, a calculator and a list that was very detailed and short.

We walked out of the grocery this week at $115.13 and I have to say that felt good. I came out singing “Walking on Sunshine….. Whoa”. Ok maybe it was in my head, but I am so serious, I was proud you all.

So now I have found a new calling in life on top of being a mom and a wife, and a teacher, Grocery Budgeteer (You know you want to be one of those as well). This is an ongoing job that will probably take the rest of my life to get used to LOL but we have ate leftovers more in the past week than any other week in our marriage and I have been full and satisfied. So really, is there anything else we need to be?

Tips and Tricks of Week One

  1. Have a MEAL PLAN and stick to it
  2. Exhaustively search the pantry to see what you already have (why buy new bread if you already have fresh bread that could be used?)
  3. Take your time and do not go to the store over hungry
  4. Add up the stuff as you go so you can decide before you get to the cash register if you want to put something back on the shelf
  5. Do not go back to the grocery unless for an emergency item (Like I sent hubby for PADS because I had not thought SHE was coming so soon)
  6. If you are tired, and don’t feel like cooking, never underestimate the power of a bowl of cereal.

So there you have it folks!
Stay tuned for more grocery  and meal planning tips as my new job of Grocery Budgeteer takes off for round two on Thursday.