About Me

Hi, My name is Amy. This is my story.

 I love music of all genres, from UB40 to Usher to Carrie Underwood. Yes that spread out! I just LOVE the feeling that music brings me. The arts bring me happiness. I love Photography, Painting, Reading and Writing.

I have lived in the Bahamas my entire life except for one amazing year living in sunny Tampa, FL when I was seventeen years old. I moved back home June of 2005. Little did I know, I would have a whirlwind romance that would land me walking down the aisle six short months later.
December 10th, 2005, I married my Best Friend, my other half, my puzzle piece.
He makes me a better me. He is definitely the ying to my yang… I find I am usually a very positive person and sometimes need to be brought back to reality, and he sometimes needs a little rainbow splashed in his face when he is feeling down. God knew I needed him all the days of my life.
A few years later, after losing our first pregnancy, God blessed us with our son.
When I saw him the first time, It was THE most amazing feeling in this entire world.
The love I have for him, there are no words for in this language. I fell in love
with his Daddy all over again knowing that together we created this
beautiful new little person.
God chose US out of everyone in this entire world to be his parents.
We are amazed
by him daily. He has helped through many difficult situations.
We have many angels in Heaven as we have lost many babies over the years … and our Son
helped us through each of those …
his infectious smile,
his adorable laugh,
his unending kisses,
and his heartfelt “I love You’s”
made my pain and sorrow wash away.
God is so Good!
We have had quite a journey over the past few years together. I have homeschooled on and off and actually had the blessing of teaching our son in First Grade at a private Christian school that I worked for. It was an amazing teaching experience after I had gotten my Bachelors degree in Early childhood education online in less than two years. It was no easy task but I set my mind to my dreams of being a teacher. However, being a mommy came first and we came back to homeschooling. Now adventuring through third grade and look forward to what God has in store for this part of our lives. I have made some amazing friends throughout my teaching time and look forward to the future. Join us in our homeschooling journey.
Positive quotes about strength, and motivational:
Also, join me in the deepest depths of my heart as I share my infertility journey with you and continue in our season of waiting for another child. We are hopeful that God has a plan for our family to grow. We are trusting him and enjoying our life in the meantime with our son.
Amy Lillian

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" You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream " ~CS Lewis

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