Thrown into the Rabbit Hole…

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Down, down, down.

I cannot even believe how long it has been since I have sat here and typed, and how easy it is to stray away from the things we love the most for the sake of busyness.

The world is odd in that way. The busier our lives seem to get, the more stressed we feel, the more unhealthy we get, and then one day we wake up feeling like we have been thrown down the rabbit hole without a guide.

Strange comparison, I know, however, that’s exactly how I felt. Last September, My son and I started homeschooling again. Come November, I was offered a plea to go back to teaching full time because the school had lost their third grade teacher. If you know me, you would know its very hard to say no (although I am working on this) and I pondered and pondered over this decision for weeks until we finally just said, “YES”. In January, I had to bring 18 really wonderful students back up from where their previous teacher had led them astray academically and emotionally. Don’t get me wrong, I loved this challenge, but by June, I was faced with the same decision as the previous year. Should I stay? or Should I go? I didn’t know whether it was because I had been given the extra chance to try it out or just because my heart is in homeschooling despite the opinion of just near everyone I know. I bit the bullet and wrote my resignation letter, again.

It was not easy as I do not like disappointing people but in the end if I had taken on another year, I would have only been disappointing the children because my heart was not there and that’s not fair. One day, I know I will return to teaching in a school setting but for now, there are many adventures that await.

These adventures have already begun as I have the time to sit and write again, time for afternoon tea, a tradition that I truly love, and time for my health which is by far the most important.

We just came back from an amazing Disney trip and I have to say it was the best yet.

My little guy will be turning 8, yes you read that right, EIGHT years old in five days! Where has the time gone? He is bubbly and creative and imaginative and filled with laughter and jokes and apparently he and his uncle are a part of the “Jocker’s Club” which makes me smile for days thinking about the time they got to spend together. It was way overdue.

I feel like me again.

I feel like I am no longer falling down through the rabbit hole, but have now reached the point where I am about to open the door with hidden surprises behind it.

“No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.”  ― Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass:

The adventures that lie behind the door are a mystery but I have never been more excited for what God has in store for our lives. It is never a dull moment and I love that I will have the time to explore these adventures to their fullest potential.

In a few weeks, we start THIRD GRADE together we couldn’t be more thrilled.


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" You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream " ~CS Lewis

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