Golden Opportunities

I just cannot believe it has been over three months since I last sat and wrote here on my global journal. Ha! The past few months have been filled with many moments; some great, some not so great and some smack dab in the middle.

I have been on a prayer journey, trying to find a closeness with the Lord and cultivating it daily not only on an individual level but in our marriage as well. I have included my students in my prayer journey and we pray often in class now, out loud for the Lord to hear our voices.

This past month has been chocked full of new events. My new church family has embraced and welcomed me with open arms and I feel a peace about that move. I even have enjoyed the fabulous company of my husband at church, which is a welcomed surprise. I just know its due to focusing our marriage and our life on Christ even more so than ever before.

I attended my very first Easter sunrise service at 6:30a.m. on Easter morning to celebrate Christ rising from the grave and to remember the grace that he so graciously showed us. I recently read that we should always remember GRACE as:


I really loved that acronym for such a powerful message. Simple, yet effective.

I also attended my very first Ladies Conference and met one of the most amazing women ever. The speakers testimony touched my heart and her thoughts throughout the conference have dug deep into my soul.


This was our verse for the weekend. I even taught it to my nineteen first graders because I loved it so much. Every time I have started to say something, this verse pops into my head and I ask myself, Is this something I need to say? Maybe I should just listen. Maybe I should just wait right now.

The speakers husband has been preaching at the church throughout their time here as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed his sermons. But my favorite moment was when he spoke of golden opportunities. These moments in our lives that are intertwined with Gods plan and when they pass, sometimes they may never come again.

We recently made a decision to go back to homeschooling next year. I don’t doubt that I love teaching and love being able to touch the lives of children in the classroom setting. However, I have one little life whom God has blessed me with and the time spent with him is more precious than anything. It is making a sacrifice and knowing that this is my golden opportunity. I can always go back to teaching in a bigger setting in the future, but I will only have these years when my baby is young, once. They will not come around again. I have to reach out and grab this opportunity, this moment while I have the chance. Otherwise, just as the wind passes by, time will fly and this too will just be a fleeting memory.

When the speaker said this, it grabbed deep into my heart and tugged on the deepest part of my soul. I knew in that moment God was telling me, “Daughter, my child, You are taking your golden opportunity and I am proud of you.”


These are the moments when my family will be cultivating roots for the day when we let him spread his wings and fly. Wyatt and I have had the best experience going out to school this year, and I having the blessing of teaching him in a school setting as well, but I could not be more thrilled to be coming back home this Fall, and diving into the literature that we have awaiting us. I even want to do a little home project to build a library into my spare bedroom because we have so many books and have such a love of books that I think it shall be our summer project.

I have loved every moment of getting to know my new friends, and I look forward to corresponding and keeping in touch with them and hearing about their lives and praying for these two awesome and amazing children of God. I find it so amazing when the Lord brings people into our lives at the exact opportune moment when we need them the most.

Praise be the Lord,