A New Year



New Chances


A few weeks ago, I started feeling sick again and I vowed to myself that from that point on, I had had enough of feeling sick and tired and cruddy. I know a big part of how I had been feeling was due in part to my lack of exercise, poor nutrition over the past few months and just getting a cold. But regardless of the excuses, I was just tired, Tired of making excuses and tired of not being the best ME that I can be for myself, my husband and my family. So I started praying and boy does God deliver when we pay attention to Him.

I started fueling my body with healthy foods and although I couldn’t quite exercise yet, I started trying to be more active. The cold was making me feel cruddy when I overexerted and I really did not want to spend my entire break from teaching sick.

So I listened.

I listened to God and I listened to the things that were not said and I listened to my body.

And You know what I heard?

A Lot!

Sometimes I think the noise of life just gets in our heads and we start doubting ourselves and our abilities and we just need to stop and listen. Meditate with the Lord and in nature.

I started going back outside and just sitting.

Yep, that’s all. Just sitting in nature listening silently.

Then I started reading, and Oh how my soul loves a good book. I had not made time for reading in a long time and I didn’t want to dwell on the past but only that I had a few weeks out of school and I could really read some awesome books. I started on my Divergent Series and WOW have you seen that movie?

Free Divergent Quote Printable. Three colors available. #divergent #cultivatecreate (The book quote.....not the movie quote, which is in a different order.)

This is one of my fave moments in the movie and the book. He didn’t want to be defined by a faction, by one personality, he wanted to be a little of all of them. I want that too! I don’t want the world defining who I am or who I can be. I want to grow in the Lord and be who God has intended for me to be all along.


Ah such wisdom!

I think when you read more and worry less, the world becomes a magical place. Instead of dwelling on the negative things, it gives me the ability to see through my rose colored glasses down in the rabbit hole or through a wardrobe in Narnia. I can see passion that I forgot was there in my marriage, and it brings dreams to life in a way that explodes my imagination.

This year, I want every day to be a reminder of my dreams and how far I have come and where God wants me to go from here.

If I can make every day count and teach my students to cherish every day as well, then I will have accomplished my job.

I look forward to where Gods blueprint of my life is leading, but I wont spend another day worrying over it. Because worrying over my past or wondering too much about my future robs me of my today.

This is the year of my 28th birthday.

My tenth wedding anniversary.

My son turns seven.

and this is the year I will conquer my weight goals.

My word for 2015 is HEALTHY and through health I will achieve my goals.

#happy #healthy #quote


" You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream " ~CS Lewis

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