God is Here

-- C.S. Lewis

As life has been so busy lately, I sit here and just think back to try and remember just a few weeks ago before the hustle

and bustle of getting my new job, before I started decorating my new classroom, before when all I had were hopes that I was clinging on to, and it is so hard to remember.

Isn’t that something how at one moment in our life we can be in the midst of the greatest chaos every and yet not remember the times of stillness. When these moments

of chaos grips us in our life, we need to remember this quote from C.S. Lewis;

Don’t shine so others can see you. Shine so that through you, others can see Him.

When my days have been numbered, I want to be remembered for others seeing the Lord through my life.

I want the Lords goodness and mercy to shine through me each day from my life and into those who surround me.

Some days I can feel it and some days I feel like I am far off from this goal; However, no matter if I am close today or not, as long as I am striving toward my goal, I am doing great.

No matter what you are going through today, just remember that the Lord is with you, YES YOU, He is with you right now.

Sometimes we want to question ourselves and ask why things happen or why we go through things and sometimes things don’t go as we had planned.

Today, I had planned to take a new friend and her kids down south on our Island for the afternoon. She got an unexpected call, and had to take her mommy to the doctor. Sometimes our plans get thwarted and that is OKAY.

God has your best interest

We don’t know what God saves us from.

But God knows.

God knows us and our life plans and he will not put us through unnecessary harm. Sometimes we make choices and those choices lead us down roads where we learn a life lesson, but sometimes our choices lead us to a better place even if the beginning part of the journey is tough on our hearts.

So when the going gets rough, and you feel like you keep getting a door shut in your face, don’t quit. God has your back, and he wont ever let us down.

Its like sometimes when you are paddling out in the ocean, and you repeatedly get knocked down by waves, You push and fight your way to get to surface so that you can get OUT of the water. When your life is heading for big waves and you are getting knocked down over and over again, KEEP FIGHTING back and you will get back up. Sure, your feet my hurt from the rocks or your head may pound from all the salt water, but in the end, You managed to get back up and walk to shore!

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So don’t worry. Whatever it is you may be going through today, God is with you! God is good! God is listening! Go to Him right now and thank Him for the blessings you have around you and sleep well knowing that you are not alone. We all have days when we are treading water, but there will come a moment when this too shall pass.

Be brave.

Be strong.

Be filled with Gods courage and love, because he will shelter you beneath his arms like the wings of a mother dove.

Blessings to You,





Bundle of Excitement

What a year this has been…

A Year of ups and downs and finishing four years of college in one year, and loving every moment of it. Then came the job search and the Lord opened up a position for me that is my dream job. I got FIRST GRADE! I am so excited and guess what?

My little guy, who turns six in August, gets to be in my class. So I am super pumped because my babe and I just get each other and I have taught him his entire life so far, so to get the opportunity to teach him another year and be involved the following year for second as First and Second works as a team in my new school family is amazing.

I chose Dr. Seuss theme for my class so I have been seeing red and white stripes and polka dots in my sleep and loving it all the way.


My dream come true… to teach in my very own class with the chance to touch twenty little childrens hearts this coming year.

I get to do a mix of curriculum which I love, and the BIBLE … OH MY GOODNESS! Bob Jones Bible for First grade is just fantastic.

I have not been blogging as much but have no fear, I will be posting updates and keeping you up to date with my Fabulous Firsties

as we travel down lifes road together and live through Lifes’ Little Adventures.