Changed & Transformed

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We do not have to wait until the end of our journey to see what we have learned. Learning is a process that happens over time which is why people usually say elderly people are so wise. They did not wake up one day and magically grow wise… it happened a little every day over the course of their life.

This past week, we had a guest speaker come to our church. I had been studying the portion in Wendy Blights beautiful book, Living so That, about John 17. I had never read that quite as in depth as during this study. I had never realized it was the longest recorded prayer between Jesus and Our Father in Heaven. When spoken, it only lasts a few minutes tops, but how intimate and beautiful those few moments between them were. We cannot even fathom some of what is said, we can just imagine what we think it could mean for us.

I went to church for a special night of service, and much to my surprise, God was working on the little details as usual… the title of our sermon that night was,

wait for it…


drum roll please…



Yes which means we read some of our very, SO THAT, verses…

My heart started racing, screaming out inside, “HEY, I JUST READ THAT !!!!!”

It was like the Lord was placing his hand on my shoulder saying, My child, LISTEN….

Then when he told us that the passage we would be digging into was John 17… I just knew that God really wanted me to pay attention.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you can be thinking of a song and it comes on the radio? I don’t think that its chance, I think that the Lord sometimes knows YOU NEED something and answers our silent prayers. Even if we did not go for the whole, “Please Gimme, Get Me, Me Me Me.”

Sometimes, it is the words left unsaid, are the words God hears the loudest.

I have been in moments in my life, where I have been shaken, and something or someone immediately comes to my rescue.

Thank You Lord for answering my prayer.

I have been in moments of pure joy, when I am so excited that you think the excitement could burst if someone poked a pin at it. God has sent people in my life to rejoice with me.

Thank You Lord for answering my prayer.

I have had a lot of pain through my miscarriages, but God has given me the most amazing little boy to hug every day and teach about the Lord. And maybe just maybe, one day my knowledge of what I have gone through, may help just ONE person.

Thank You Lord for answering my prayer.

So sometimes, trials come so that we may grow in our faith with God, and truly test the waters of our faith to make sure we are not going to throw in the towel and be like, “Pshhhh, God is sending these things to me, so he must not love me.”


Quite the opposite my friend, God is testing you sometimes to prove how much he DOES love you and I. Sometimes we make a choice, and it may be the wrong one. God has not taken our free will away. The Spirit guides us to make the right choice but they do not make it for us. So sometimes we end up living through a consequence of our own foolish actions. However, even when we make that foolish choice or even just a not so good one, God does not forsake us. He promises to never leave nor forsake us. And all of us who are weary shall come to Him, and you know what he promises us?

To give us REST.

How comforting. So fear not, my friends, God is with us on this journey… He is in the drivers seat ready and rearing to take us on the ride of our lives… He does not promise there will not be bumps on the road. He does not promise that there will not be mountains to climb, or valleys to endure. He does not promise there will be sunshine the entire way, there could be a few storms on the rise. However, He does promise us that he will be there, the entire time with us.

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5 thoughts on “Changed & Transformed

  1. Woke up this morning questioning and fearful and what should I discover at the top of my emails but your words of encouragement. I am so glad that I joined Psalms 31 OBS and have been blessed to be among those who are changing and being transformed. Thank you for being so transparent and loving. You have made this Grandmother willing to set new goals and dream new dreams at 68. Sending love and gratitude for your ministry of sharing.

  2. I was so excited to see your post today! I love to visit your space. What I marvel at the most is Jesus loves us so much, he prays FOR us to the Father! How awesome is that?! Blessings, friend!

  3. It is amazing to me that God would take what we are learning through our study of Living So That and reinforce it for you through that Speaker! He is so gracious to us, in our desire to know Him better. I loved your encouragement here!

    🙂 Missy Proverbs 31 OBS Volunteer

" You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream " ~CS Lewis

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