Being Complete

As I read through this awesome book that my online bible study is working through now, I find so many times where I hear myself saying, “Hey that’s just like me!” or “Hey, I have said or done that before!”

In Lysa Terkeurst’s book, Made to Crave, she sheds light on such a growing epidemic where tens of thousands of women (and men) across the globe are struggling with a raging battle with food. Yes, I said, FOOD.

Do you know that roughly 1/3 of the worlds population is over weight? I am right there in that category. Oh Wait no, My WII FIT says that I am a beast *Ahem* I mean “OBESE”. What a word! When I first went on my Wii Fit, and I got all happy go lucky and stood on it to weigh, the little voice in such a high pitch way says, “Ohhhhh, You are OBESE”.

Well thanks a lot you little piece of equipment. At this moment, I had to make a decision.

Door number one, I throw this thing as far as I can fling it.

Door number two, I accept that it is only telling me the truth and I have to accept the fact that YES I am obese.

In Lysa’s book, this paragraph from Chapter 12 really hit home:

We are taught to remain in God’s love so that we won’t tie our happy to anything but God. So our joy will be complete. Complete. As in not lacking anything. Complete. As in filled up to the brink with joy no matter if we are wearing our skinny jeans or not. Complete. As in satisfied with a fullness we can’t get any other way. Can you imagine how beautiful it would be to live as a complete person?


So they gave us an activity today to share with the world what being a complete person means to us.

Here is mines:

made 2 crave 2014

To me being complete is opening myself up to be loved and not holding back. I feel blessed that God has touched my soul and that I have a yearning to crave Him and love Him.

I am learning one day at a time to find peace within every day that God blesses me with… and to find Peace with my body as I venture through my get healthy journey.

Happy and Joyful go together because when I am listening to music, spending time with my family, nourishing my body with healthy foods I definitely feel joyful and happy.

What makes you feel complete?


4 thoughts on “Being Complete

  1. I’m loving this book also! So much great information. This is actually my second time reading it. That little Wii voice irritates me. I am certain he moans with pain when I step on him :). I think your five words summarize “complete” beautifully!

  2. Nutrition and fitness are a journey. I’ve always struggled. But once I surrendered it all to the Lord, the path to fitness has lightened. It’s even become a little contagious – now my husband is working out again! Oh and I’m still discovering what will make me feel complete – and I am a lot older than you! As I’ve said before, you’re light years ahead of me when it comes to a positive spiritual walk – so proud of you!

" You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream " ~CS Lewis

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