Here we are again… These weeks seem to be flying by! I cannot believe we have welcomed February already.

This weeks topic touched my heart. Peace; is it possible to find peace with our body? If you would have asked me this about a year ago, I would have probably said, NEVER, No Way, Impossible. I thought that you had to wait until you were a perfect size to find peace.

Thanks to Made to Crave and a lot of soul searching and God-chatting… I am learning that I can be so thankful for everything about my body each step of the way on my journey to get healthy. It isn’t about finding a perfect body anymore! For me, it has changed into a get healthy journey to be the BEST daughter of Christ, Wife, Mommy, Teacher and Friend that I can possibly be.

When I was reading Chapter six this week, I always pray along my way now. When I finished asking the Lord to help me find peace throughout my day, I turned and found this on my bedroom door:


Somehow, it felt like God was telling me to have peace within my home, within my heart, and that he was with me.

Suddenly, peace washed over my soul and I felt so relaxed and ready for my day. All day as I looked and saw that heart on my door, I remembered that feeling and it would come back to me. If you are wondering where this mysterious heart came from… It is the shape of the hole in my Scentsy Candle Warmer, but I had never noticed it before. Now, whenever I see it, I smile and just feel Gods presence within my home.

As the week progressed, I starting looking at myself with an even different light. Its really the perspective we take when looking at things. This morning, as I was preparing to write this, I wanted to go sit in the beautiful sun outdoors and water my garden. The sun felt amazing on my soul.

I had my camera, and I really could see hardly anything with the glare from the sun. I was blinded by what was right in front of me, until I took a 200M look through my camera lens. Much to my surprise, amidst that sun glare was a beautiful bumble bee drinking up the nectar goodness from my honeysuckle plant. Had I not seen it through the lens, I would not know it was there; I would have missed that little piece of beauty.


Isnt it that way with our bodies sometimes?

We are blinded by the glare of commercials, poor body image, magazines filled with skinny people who have been airbrushed to perfection and criticism from the world and sometimes from ourselves. This blind spot causes us to feel down on our selves and horrible about what God has blessed us with. We need to take a closer look, and see it from Gods perspective. He looks down at us with that big 200m camera lens and says, “My Child, WHY ARE YOU WORRYING? I gave you that body… TAKE CARE OF IT and I will bless you with the riches stored in heaven.”

Our verse this week,

I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, who summons you by name.
Isaiah 45:3

God does not want us viewing ourselves through the blind spots of a worldly view. He wants us to value his creation because he knows us by name.

When he looks at me, he says, “Amy, I want you to be happy with each step of this journey. I am so proud of you for talking to me before you eat something that will harm your body. With every bite of food you take, FUEL that beautiful body that I have given you. You are fighting disease. You are beautiful and I love you because you are MY child and I AM YOUR GOD.”

I hope this week, You be a little kinder to your body… and love all the “flaws” that have their own place…




22 thoughts on “#Peace

  1. I love your pictures! That heart must have been so moving to you. I can’t imagine. You are so right about the noise of this world and how easily distracted we can be. Thank you for this beautiful reminder!

  2. What an awesome reminder God sent you in that heart on your door. And I loved that you talked about that we can miss the glory right in front of cuz we’re blinded by things we’re not meat to let shape us. Amazingly insightful post and I totally enjoyed reading it. Thanks very much for sharing and your bumble bee picture was just beautiful. Blessings to you!!

    Trish (OBS Blog Hop Team)

" You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream " ~CS Lewis

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