Unfailing Love

David is known for His deep thirst for God and the beautiful Psalms He wrote.

In my current Bible in 90 Challenge, I have made it to Psalms.
There are so many beautiful songs and verses of hope and promise of Gods Unfailing Love.
Our verse this week is Psalm 36:7
How priceless is your unfailing love, O God! People take refuge in the shadow of your wings.
I wrote this little song of my own:
I praise you with Thankfulness, Wonderful Lord,
Thank you for your protection, no need for a sword.
My Heart beams with blessings,
that You so graciously bring,
into my life,
amidst the bustle of everyday strife.
Your priceless love will never fail,
I know Your love will prevail.
I rejoice you with Kindness, Amazing God,
Theres no journey ever too hard.
For you know the plans  you have for me,
plans filled with hope even when I cannot see.
I can take refuge under your wing,
and grow in faith with the love you bring,
Your unfailing love will never fail,
I will trust in you, You will never bail.
I bow down with Prayer, my loving Redeemer,
The grass on your side will always be greener,
You will strengthen and uplift my soul.
I shall not be afraid.
For you lift me up with your loving hands,
You are the One true God who understands.
Your love will stand the test of time,
Whether Spring or winter-time,
Summer or Fall,
No prayer of mines is ever too small.
Thank You for your priceless love,
that never fails and fits like a glove,
Its personal and made for me,
and one day in your perfect time I will see,
that Your plans are perfect in a unique way,
and I cannot wait for the day you say,
“Well done my child, I’ve been watching over you”
And I will look at such an amazing view,
as I gaze over Heaven with my faith family,
gazing ever so loving and thankfully.
Written by Amy Lillian
October 24th 2013
Found http://amightywind.com/heaven.html. I do not take any credit for this image.

" You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream " ~CS Lewis

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