How often do we say, “I am so tired,” or “I just am not sleeping well.” Ask most any Mom and you will have a very long list as to why they are overrun or overtired. I know for myself, the times I get to the point where I cannot sleep, the biggest thing that stops me is a cluttered mind. My mind can sometimes try to over power everything else and I sit there wondering about what I need to do, what I have to do, what I may want to do, lack of doing things I did not get done. You get the picture, just busy.
So when we got to the verse for this week in my online bible study, I said, “Lord, I hear you, loud and clear.”

This verse hit my heart so strongly. I have been loving the verses in this study so far, because by looking at them in the midst of your mind set on clearing away stress, it opens up such a personal meaning to each of the verses. I had never thought of verse mapping before, but now have come to love it.
Lets look at the first part, “In repentance”.
I googled the word repentance, and found this definition:
Repentance, also called penitence, is the  God-granted attitude of having sorrow for personal sin and the  turning away from it towards a new life.
Isn’t that amazing? God grants us permission to lean on him, and obey him, and trust in him. He does not want us sitting around sinning and going about our worldly lives with him on the back-burner. But he knows that we are human, and sin is something that will happen from time to time. In repentance, honest to goodness sorrow for our sins, God wants us to turn away head towards a new life walking with Christ.
See, God does not want us sitting around pining over our mistakes. He wants us to pray and repent to Him and know that he truly forgives us. We do not have to sit and worry that he is not going to forgive. God forgives entirely when we honestly repent our mistakes to Him and make a choice to live our lives in His eyes.
We may not feel like we deserve it, but God looks at us in such a different way. He molds us into the people that He knows we can be. He does not keep count of our transgressions. He loves us and just wants us to constantly seek Him and learn and live our lives for Him.
This brings us to the next part of the verse, “and rest is your salvation”.
So by whole-heartedly asking God for forgiveness and repenting our sins, along with being still with our God, he brings us our salvation. Isn’t that an amazing concept?
So when my brain is running around a million miles per minute and trying to please this person and that situation, God is telling me, BE STILL MY CHILD. He does not want us to let our lives slip away and years from now say, “wow, I wasted a lot of my youth on worrying about tomorrow, or the past, etc…” We cannot control other people any more than we can control the weather. We cannot predict the future anymore than we predict the next rainbow. But God knows, and God loves us and molds us and is there to steer us on the right path. When we get off the beaten path, its because we tried to take over control of what God already had in place.
Be Still In God’s Love.
Let his Love hold us and strengthen us into the people who bring him hope, joy, faith, love 🙂
And the last part of the verse, “in quietness and trust is your strength.”
WOW. This part truly  hit home with me. Stop trying to multi-task. Stop trying to please every person that comes with a favor. Of course God wants us to help others and to get out of our comfort zone, but not if it means stretching ourselves so thin that we become weak and insecure in our faith. did you read that part?
Lets read it again,
in quietness and trust is your strength
God wants us to rest. God wants us to be still and listen. Because when we do, we find so much more than physical rest, we find spiritual life. I have found lately in my life, the more I take time to rest with God, the more alive I truly feel. I feel his arms around me, and I feel his strength holding me up and helping me to make the right decisions.
In the midst of my God-music searching yesterday, I came across a beautiful song, that brought this weeks verse all together for me, Grace by Laura Story.
Take a few minutes, I urge your heart to listen openly to this songs lyrics. I sang this all day yesterday, and I felt such a love from God pouring into my soul when I truly opened my mind up to prayerfully sing these lyrics.
“I ask you, how many times will you pick me up? When i keep on letting you down? Each time I will fall short of your glory, how far will forgiveness abound? And you answer, “My child I love You, and as long as you are seeking my face, you will walk in the power of my daily sufficient grace.”
Wow. God gives us everything we need. John 14:8 says, “If God is all you have, then you have all you need.” What more do we need? Nothing. Unclutter our minds. Do not be discouraged. Do not be fearful. Lean on God and trust in Him to bring us the grace that we need. He will help us to rest.

" You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream " ~CS Lewis

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