Perfect Peace

Wow, Chapter five already in this bible study. I love Thursdays, I think, best of all for the blog hops.

This week, I loved so many of the topics. So I decided to go with a mix of them all.
This chapter spoke to my heart.
Each week, I have found myself craving more and more of God.
I have always loved God, and wanted to be a part of his family, but I never realized till now
how I do not just want to be a “part”, I want an active role in his loving and amazing family.
The beginning of Chapter 5 took us on a stroll down memory lane.
My childhood was amazing. I have lived on a small island nestled in the northern Atlantic
Ocean, named Abaco. It is one of the many islands in the Bahamas.
I can close my eyes and remember playing on my back porch with my dolls.
I remember each Sunday, my Papa Lewis honking the horn to pick me up for Sunday School.
My mom used to make me home-made juice popsicles and she would smile at me through the sliding
glass door, as I sat enjoying it in my kiddie pool.
My brother was my bestest friend. I looked up to him as I still do.
My Daddy was my hero, and you know what? He Still is.
I had the pleasure of growing up with almost all of my GREAT-Grands until I was about thirteen.
Many of them passed away that year. But I still felt blessed,  because I had gotten thirteen years of visits and wisdom from them.
 I loved many of the same things I love today. I was saved at an early age, and baptized not long after I was thirteen.  I was a barrel of dreams. My childhood had been one that fostered hopes and I had family that never told me things were impossible.
Mark 10:27 says, “Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But not with God. Everything is possible with God.”
How amazingly power packed is that?
With God, everything is possible.
It may not be the thing we want, but it is going to be the things that God knows we need.
My brother said something to me yesterday that touched my soul, and I just wished I could be with him to hug him at that moment. I asked for his prayers, and he said, “Will do, but I dont think my prayers get answered, so maybe ask some other people too.” And I told him, “Oh Bubba, God hears all your prayers, and you know what? He may have answered them already, it just may have not been the answer you were looking for or wanting to get, so to you it seems unanswered, but to God, you are right where he wants you to be. Keep PRAYING.”
I think so many times in our lives, we feel lost or unloved. God welcomes us to invite him into our lives. Because of our faith sometimes, God molds us into completely different people as we read in Chapter 5 about the story of Hannah. Hannahs heart was strong and her sight was affixed on the Lord. In the end, she got her happy ending. Her faith did not waiver at the sign of stress. She kept hoping and believing. God sent her a son, when I am sure most people least expect it. I loved this quote from Chapter 5,
“No matter what adversities we face or how difficult our circumstances are, God remembers us. Take comfort in knowing that God has not left you, even if it seems like he is absent in your life or that he does not see or care about what you are going through”
Sometimes as Tracy pointed out, it is when we are deeply hurting that we decide God is not around. God did not tell us there would never be rain, but he did promise us a rainbow.
God has his own blueprint for our lives. It does not go on mans time schedule, and It definately does not go on our own personal schedule. What would we ever learn if we got all the answers right away? Sometimes our pain helps us grow into better people. We have to remain truly faithful to God.
In Chapter 5 it went on to tell us all about the troubles that can arise if we let ourselves get trapped in a cycle of stress, physically & emotionally. But my eye got caught more on the section about Tracy’s amazing journey in Gods lap. A truly amazing experience to read and just imagine, that she surrounded herself with verses that she had placed her name in, and sat on her bed with Gods word spread all around her and she felt his presence. As I sat Tuesday night in church, we have a quiz night on Tuesdays, the leader of the night said he had thought of something different to do. It was an open audible quiz, where everyone could take turns, but it was more a “what is your favorite?” type of quiz. As the answers started flowing, and the verses surrounded me, I felt Gods presence. I felt an amazingly strong arm wrap around me and I felt comforted about some things we have been dealing with deciding.
How wonderful to take time out of our busy lives, to just simply invite God into our homes, into our temples that He designed. Gods word does not tell us it will be easy. He tells us that sometimes we will be tested, or even persecuted for things that we do even if they are 100% good. However, he does not ever leave us nor forsake us.
We all need to take time away from the hectic and busy lives that we have created here on Earth. God does not want us to be stressed out. Things may never be EASY, but he does not want our health to dissipate nor does he want our faith to be lost. He wants us to understand that it wont always be a walk in the park, but that He is with us all the time to help us through whatever tests are in our path to becoming who He wants us to be.
Our verse this week, Exodus 33:14 NIV,
The LORD replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”
What an amazing promise. This was not from a disciple or a man on earth, this came straight from God. His Presence is with us daily. But we have to not fight it, or want to be in control. We have to surrender our hearts to Him, and realize that He is RIGHT THERE with us. The next part makes me smile. “…I will give you rest.” WOW. He will give us peace. When we allow Him into our hearts, and fully surrender to His love, He brings us our daily sufficient grace. He brings us REST. No Bubble bath, or meditation, or any other worldly temporary fix is going to bring us the kind of rest that God is talking about here. He means the total and amazing peace that comes from giving our hearts up to Him.
I leave you today, with another verse from Ephesians 2:10,
“For we are Gods masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.
The most important thing that I took from Chapter five this week, was that I have to stop trying to control the way my life goes. God has that covered. Why worry over something I cannot change? He gives me peace as I learn to be patient and wait for whatever it is he has on my journey. Get on my knees and pray to Him. Call out to God, and ask Him to help me … when I am in trouble. No matter what happens in my life, I know God will bring me rest.
I hope you have an amazing week ahead. remember no matter what you are going through at this very moment, feel his Presence in your lives and know that He will give us perfect peace.
We are not alone.

" You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream " ~CS Lewis

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