Ode to a Homeschool Mom

Ode to a Homeschool Mom

                                        As a wife, mother, and home educator
                                        You are the embodiment of life, love, and laughter.
                                        Even at times when you do not feel respected,
                                        You are adored by the children you’ve directed.
                                        Your chosen career means there is much to do,
                                        For you are your children’s best teacher, too–
                                        Training them to walk, to talk and say “please,”
                                        Plus reading, writing, math, and social studies.
                                        Gathering books from the library, you strive
                                        To read aloud and bring history alive.
                                        You take kids on field trips and nature hikes,
                                        Arrange play days and set up movie nights.
                                        You are a modern “Renaissance woman,”
                                        Instructing every one of your children
                                        In all of the fine arts and sciences
                                        While you also pursue your own interests.
                                        You are a housekeeper, nurse, cook, janitor,
                                        Counselor, cheerleader, and a whole lot more.
                                        You can give a lesson and bake a cake
                                        While tying a shoe and mending a break.
                                        You teach your children for most of the day,
                                        And carefully listen to what they have to say.
                                        Rather than measuring by height, grade or year,
                                        You track their growth by the character they wear.
                                        You routinely put your family first
                                        And do your best to fix every hurt.
                                        Your heart is full of compassion showing
                                        You are quite wise and always knowing.
                                        Your life is not as glorious as some,
                                        With many days taken up by tedium.
                                        You rarely get what you truly deserve,
                                        As anyone else would surely observe.
                                        But even amid the worst of all days,
                                        Happiness is found in a special way.
                                        God is your strength and Jesus is your mentor;
                                        As you honor Him, He blesses your endeavor.
                                        Copyright 2007 by Teri Ann Berg Olsen

" You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream " ~CS Lewis

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