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There was a time in my life, not too long ago, when I felt so alone. I had not made that step to further my faith with God. I have always been spiritual. I have always believed with all my heart. However, I did not realize I was using up my heart worrying over people who did not ever think of me. Either a high school crush, college boyfriend, girls who made themselves the entire world, and my husbands friends when we first met. I knew in my heart, I was always seeking acceptance from them when I should have been seeking the Lords face, not the satisfaction of those people.
Having friends is so important. People you can confide in make such a difference. However, I was going about it for all the wrong reasons. I was ashamed to eat in front of some friends because I had gained weight. I felt nervous and anxiety-filled when I went round others, because I thought if I said the wrong thing, they would not like me anymore. So I withdrew from almost everyone. Instead of feeling worthless, and unwanted, I just felt alone. Of course, I found love and friendship in my husband, but thats a different kind of friend. He is the other half of my puzzle, we fit like ying and yang. When I am being unreasonable, he brings me back to reality or vice versa. I longed for a friend of my own. So I started finding friendship in the Lords peace. I asked for forgiveness. It has been a long road. I went through many obstacles over the past few years that led me to that journey, but I knew I did not want to just skate by with our amazing God. I wanted to be held walking down that beach with the set of one footprints. So I started reading my Bible every day, and studying his word, and I asked for God to send some special people into my life.
Well Look up at the verse in the photo, Matthew 7:7, I Asked, and God answered. He sent me not just one, but a few special people into my life. When I saw the topic for this week, making a change. It spoke to my heart so amazingly. There are things in our hearts right now that we want to change…but thats a story for another day. Today, I am going to dedicate this post to an amazing friend of mines. To all my other amazing friends, Don’t worry, I love you too. Trust in what we have found together as friends, and know that you’re important to me.
This friend came into my life just recently, yet feels like she has been in my life the longest. We can be so real and so ourselves together that the word friend just cannot begin to cover our relationship.

The word friend means, 
A person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection
The word sister means, 
A person of immediate relation to the same parents
The word soulmate means, A person ideally suited to another as a close friend 
 Well I guess, soul-mate fits, because friend seems to casual, and sister does not really fit, but minus the same parents, she is definitely meant to be in my life. 
When she is sick, I am sad.
When she is excited, I am too.
When she is upset, I get “Lemme at em Lemme at em”.
 When I need her, She is right there even if its just a text, email or big passing wave on the road.
Isn’t that true meaning of friendship? 
That you are linked and there for each other no matter what?
When we first started to hang out, I was a little weary as to if I should dive into my history, but how else do you become close? I had to let the walls down on my insecurities and accept that she was not going to love me any less, or not going to get up and leave and want nothing to do with me. And you know what? She loved me more. I finally let all those worries go away, and was able to be myself with someone. 
Not that my friendships before had been any less… but I finally found someone I did not have to keep constantly hoping for approval from. If I want to say something, I can. If I feel something, I can just say how I feel. If I need to cry, I can start crying. If I want to laugh till I cry, well we do that too. 
I have bared my soul to this friend, and she has asked for nothing in return. We send each other flowers to brighten each others day, and yet we never expect them when they arrive. I have found a friend who loves me exactly how God has made me. I have found a friend who accepted me even before I told her my story. I found someone who makes me so happy just thinking about her and how special it is that God placed us on each others path. 
And so now, even when I am alone, I have a few wonderful friends who I can think of and smile about as well as my loving and amazing God. I am no longer just skating by with him. He is there for me the same as this amazing friend on this earth has been. I can be myself with Him. I can open up to Him. I can cry or laugh till I cry with Him. I can walk with Him and learn every day what true friendship and grace means. He sent his Son to die for my sins and YOURS. He does not want anything in return other than for us to obey Him and listen to Him and love Him. 
He heard my plee for earthly friends to call my own. He listened carefully and selected the most amazing people to bring their hearts close to me. I am so thankful for each of them. You know who you are ❤ 
From my heart to yours, 
I love you.
You are important to me. 
You make me laugh, 
You make me so happy.
You are my blessing in disguise. 
God has blessed me with people I can confide within, and shown me the true path to this world, is to appreciate what I have found here on Earth but constantly seek His face because earth is temporary, but His love is everlasting.  So each day, instead of seeking acceptance from people here on earth who may not respect me nor my decisions, I find comfort within the people who do accept me willingly and mark my true destination as “Destination Heaven” and continue working on making my actions/words/heart lift God up in praise. Thank You Lord. 
Have a Wonderful Day !!!!!!!

" You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream " ~CS Lewis

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