Fly Papa Fly

Today is the day that the family and friends throughout town come together to bid their farewell wishes to a very special man.
This man was known as many things, Husband of 52 years, Father to Three, Papa to four grand-sons, one grand-daughter (myself) and one great-grandson, Father in law, Uncle, Brother, Son, Cousin and Friend to so many all around the world. He was loved because of his huge heart, his strengths, his confidance, his ability to care for so many others, a giver, a saver, and most importantly his kindness to so many.
He was a pilot, a business owner, a farmer, a boat captain, and so much more. But these are the things that were external … that we all could see. Inside, he was such a STRONG and PROUD man. Thursday his heart was able to soar with the angels… and now I can just see him up there picking his guitar laughing and singing and cracking a joke with someone. He always made me smile. I could be in the worst mood ever, and he would just make me crack up. But all these memories help for people we love to carry on in our lives. Each day when we can remember, is a day that they can live on through all they left behind. God gives us these precious memories so that in our grief and sorrow of our losses … that we can be reminded just how blessed we are to have such amazing memories.
These memories guide us … and we can pass them on to our children who in turn can do the same with theirs… and its how FAMILY grows. Family is such a precious gift. There are oh so many people in this world who are starving and in need of SO much. And so often, we sit back moaning and groaning over such petty things. God does not want us to live our life on the side saddle… or the passenger seat. HE wants us right up front in the Pilots chair… letting him help to STEER our lives to a better destination. He wants us on that wild horse with the breeze in our face whipping us through the countryside as we take in all the beauty around us. We need to give more, take less, and be proud of all the talents that God has given us. He does not want us to live unhappy to please other people. My Papa would tell ya Quit whining, and be happy… otherwise its no sense crying over it …. He was such a wise man. His humor was such a miraculous thing. So many people have come to me this past week and said how he always could make them smile. What a talent, to bring happiness to others, to so many Others.
So today of all days, I ask that you get off that side-saddle and live your life riding that Wild Horse through the countryside. Life is SO short to be anything other then your BEST happy self. Why live another day feeling trapped or scared to be who you really are. YOU are the best you that God has made. And you cant be your best to those around you unless you are being the best for yourself. So take a few minutes, enjoy those people in your life who can make you smile… because a day without laughter is no day at all. And My Papa sure spread a lot of laughter in his life.
Fly Papa Fly

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" You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream " ~CS Lewis

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