A Confident Heart Blog Hop

I looked the word “doubt” up in the dictionary and it states that doubt means a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction.

A Lack of conviction? Surely it cannot mean that we are lacking in our faith, right? But it does. When we doubt, we are simply telling God through our actions that we do not trust in His plan for us. We are afraid and doubting that His journey that we are to walk is just too much.
It is so easy to become uncertain about things in our lives. Especially now that life seems to have gotten more chaotic than years gone by. We are always rushing this way and that way to things sometimes we cannot even state why we do. I read something the other day that says, “If you are too busy to pray, then you are busier then God intends for you.”

Take a deep breath.
Recount your steps to where that uncertainty derived from and PRAY. We need to ask God to help us with our uncertainty and as Renee tells us take us into the light and out of the shadow of our doubts. I do not want to walk around with a lack of faith. I want to walk around filled with the perfect and unfailing love of our God knowing that as Jeremiah 29:11 states:
“For I know the plans I have for You, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
God knows our plans. Sometimes however amidst that lack of faith that we give to Him, He allows us to go off plan because it teaches us to back up and say Uh Oh, I am sorry Lord, YOU are in control.
So let us go back to our verse. It asks us why “doubt arises in our hearts?” Our hearts are where all these feelings and emotions stem from. It is where this lack of faith starts and if not dealt with in the beginning, doubt can grow and grow into so many other emotions and sometimes straight up fear and guilt. As we let the shadow grow and belittle us, we forget that Gods light can overcome all and any doubt in our hearts. He can banish it from there if we just simply Ask Him. God does not want our hearts troubled or in fear of things. God wants our hearts to be filled with the light.
God wants us to move forward. So whenever we are starting to feel that doubt arise in our hearts, we must remember to #move forward into the light, out of the darkness and into the arms of the Father who is always ready and willing to hold onto us. He is ready to guide our path if we relinquish control over our journey.

" You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream " ~CS Lewis

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